AR/VR/Animation competition project

The Brief:

Produce an offering that the panel would not expect from the company – The competition panel are being offered a unique physical solution, this needed to be reflected in the way we visually represented it.

Present the physical concept with aligned thinking – The model was a concept not a finished design, everything about how we approached the project needed to reflect this, it needed to suggest ease of adaption, transformation and future proofing.

Demonstrate digital capability – Show that the company is engaged with it’s digital strategy

Proof of the future proofing approach across all aspects of the practice – Demonstrate that everything is adaptable by giving multiple options across multiple channels

Show project innovation



The Project: 

The project was scheduled to run over two weeks. Unfortunately due to design delays we received the plans four days before submission. In four days Creative Design Atkins produced an app with both VR and AR capabilities, a physical model demonstrating both the external area and internal areas being conceptualised, a build animation, a basic fly-through, conceptual matte paintings and a presentation.

The app allows for the turning off and on of layers to show how the space is transient and malleable, demonstrating volumes and areas in both AR and VR. It allows the user to interrogate the spaces, as they move through the VR seeing how the insertion of an English Garden or a moving of a concourse changes the tone and nature of the space. The model includes a marker fixing the AR exactly in position so the plains on the model match those within the virtual model.

A build model and fly through animation inserted into the presentation gave the competition panel a taste of what they would be seeing in AR/VR, with the concept mattes allowing them to truly understand the vision.



Personal Note:

The presentation was a huge success and is now being used as an exemplar for presentations going forward both in terms of technical excellence and integrated use of media. I have some regrets about this, as I know that my team, given more than four days could produce work that is orders above what is already an excellent and innovative entry.



“Fantastic. Absolutely amazing work”

Competition panel judge after the presentation in reference to the digital and physical model offering



Team: Creative Design Atkins

Co-ordination and Delivery: Sharon Bruton

Animation and Matte Paintings: Andy Pennington/Chris Jennings

App/VR/AR: Leigh Firmin/Matt Smith/Aled Lloyd

Physical Model: Toby Laughton

Presentation: Juliana Dalla Rosa/John Tang