Concept and deliver all forms of creative projects for illustration, print, web and new media.


From childrens’ illustrations to post apocalyptic visions and all places inbetween. I have a particular interest in visual storytelling and guiding a narrative.

Graphic Design

Communicating a client's desire with strong visual statements from brochures, infographics, storyboarding, video to transmedia experiences.

Exhibition, Set & Service

Layout, wayfinding, design and modelling, whatever is needed to help the client visualise, realise and sell their vision.


I am privileged to work with some great companies and people


client_image_1“Personally I’m in love with Sharon’s Revolution Bird, to the point of looking up bicycle anatomy for the words “chain ring” while trying to describe it. You will getit when you see it.”

Sarah Maguire LeCool Magazine

client_image_2“Sharon is a great graphic designer with consistent ideas and insights into what is on-trend.”

Louise Carroll, Tender Bid Manager, OMP

client_image_3“stunning and just what is needed”

Oliver Griffith, Director, Powering Partnerships