A little bit about me

Hello there and welcome. My name is Sharon Bruton and I am a designer and illustrator with prolific experience in conceptual design and illustration for media, set, web and print, and a particular passion for visual communication, spatial, interpretative and conceptual work that embraces human-centered design thinking, 4d experiences, strong story narratives and longer than average opening sentences.

Design has been my love ever since I can remember. That said, I initially studied Robotic Engineering but after a few too many electrical fires and a melted Kermit the Frog puppet decided that was not where my talent lay. I went back to art school and took a B.Des in Production Design with a minor in Sculpture, short course diplomas in Media and Copyright Law, photography and a PgCert in 3D Media (Animation).

On a personal level, I am originally from the gloriously sun kissed island of Ireland, but now resident in London. I like to play with video techniques, build models from found objects, animate my short, write irate emails on mental health representation to news agencies, play violin, march in demos, continuously disprove the notion that everyone can surf and animate everything. I have a very eclectic knowledge base that is hit or miss on quiz nights, that said, if the subject is Cephalopods we are on to a winner. I have no baking skills, but have a strong tasting game.